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Five benefits of buying an electric vehicle at Montreal Auto Financement in Montreal near Laval
Five Benefits of Choosing an Electric Vehicle

Technologies are evolving, and so are cars! Over the past few years, more and more consumers are moving away from a petrol-powered car in favour of the electric car. The association des véhicules électriques du Québec reveals that electric cars are as popular as ever, with an increase of 61.6% in the past year! Over the next three years, there will be close to 100,000 electric vehicles in circulation on our roads. But why are these green cars causing such a stir? Your Montréal Auto Financement dealer, close to Repentigny and Laval, examined the question and invites you to learn about the benefits of purchasing an electric car.

Ideal for work

Knowing that Quebecers take an average of 30 minutes to arrive to work, the range of the electric car is enough to get there. What’s more, starting the car in cold temperatures is not a problem.

Energy-efficient driving

These ecological vehicles have automatic controls, No more stalls. But most of all, we like the fact that we can reach 110 km/h in only four seconds! Indeed, it is possible because the performance on the energy used is 60% higher than that of a petrol-powered vehicle. Therefore, it is easier to have sporty ride.

A lasting engine

Usage of an electric motor is very long. As a result, this type of vehicle has a lot less breakdowns than a petrol-powered car. Even though the purchase cost is often higher to that of a conventional car, it is quickly recovered by low maintenance costs to your beautiful electric car.

Intelligent energy

The special feature of the electric battery is that it can recharge itself once the driver decelerates. This results in "free energy" and is a real advantage for saving in consumption. The car is especially useful in the city because of frequent breaking.


Clean and ecological

The carbon balance of the electric car is ideal because it does not pollute. It is zero CO2 emission and is therefore a great way to help make the planet a little greener. As well, provincial programs encourage the purchase of electric cars, allowing you to benefit from numerous discounts.

At Montréal Auto Financement, located close to Repentigny and Laval, we believe very strongly in the use of electric cars. Their range improves every year and these vehicles are especially suited for city driving. Why not purchase one by contacting your dealer at Montréal Auto Financement, located at 12011 Sherbrooke East? Our experts will be happy to advice you on the financing options and the used cars available, from Monday to Thursday, 9 9 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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