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Pre-shopping for a Car in Two Simple Steps
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  Pre-shopping for a Car in Two Simple Steps   Purchasing a car often entails a strong emotional component, and even if there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited now and then, don’t let your emotions take the wheel and push you to make a bad decision. There are 2 main steps to complete before anything else and shockingly enough (not), they both happen North of your shoulders.   Your...

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Be Ready for the End of winter
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Be Ready for the End of winter   The time most Quebecers are waiting for is coming fast: the end of winter. That means the end of big coats, icy sidewalks, and the daily ritual of snow removals in the morning… But it also means new opportunities to go for an adventure, especially if you are an outdoor activities’ fans. If you’re among those that take advantage of every...

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Choosing the right car dealer
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Choosing the right car dealer   As with many other choices in life, picking a second-hand car dealer will have significant repercussions on the choice of cars you’ll be presented with, their price, their terms of payment, the type of warranty, etc. Each customer is unique and their needs vary accordingly but still: these are the guidelines you should follow when choosing a second-hand...

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Why choose an SUV?
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Why you should choose a SUV?   Unlike what we see in Europe, the Quebec’s climate and our magnificent countryside are reasons enough to push us towards bigger, sturdier and more comfortable vehicles that can adapt to many different (road) scenarios. That’s why SUVs are so much more popular in our culture, and the reason why you might consider buying one yourself. Montréal...

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10 family cars that fit with your budget
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10 family cars that fit with your budget When your family gets bigger, your disposable income generally goes in the other direction, which is a bummer considering you may need to buy a larger vehicle to move around all your people. You’ll find below a list of the 10 most reliable and affordable family cars on the market. Toyota RAV4 Toyota are proven value and the RAV4 is no exception. Additional...

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Montreal Auto Financement, Amazing Deals!
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Montreal Auto Financement, Amazing Deals!   Finding a used car at an affordable price can often represent a real puzzle because of the many varying offers. It takes a lot of time to shop around and compare the different deals and propositions to gain more knowledge and know what you need and what you are looking for. Certain models may suit our style and wants, but can be out of our reach....

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A new car at a second-hand’s price
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A new car at a second-hand’s price   Would you like to buy a new car and pay the price of a used one? Yes, it’s a serious question. Of course you do! Do these cars even exist? Yep, and there are many of them across the Quebec. I can almost hear you ask “What’s the catch?” Granted, I’m not talking about “brand new” vehicles per say. I’m talking...

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Buying a used car
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Buying a used car: it makes sense   Despite what sellers want you to believe, some products shouldn’t be bought brand new and cars certainly fit this category. The specialists of Montreal Auto Financement acknowledge this reality and provide their customers with excellent financing options so they can leave quickly with the second-hand vehicle of their choice. But why should one buy a...

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The car dealer
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Montreal Auto Financement : the car dealer that will change your life   Are you under the impression that the current state of your credit score (or the absence of a record on the matter) is condemning you to use public transportation for the rest of your life? Do you think there is no way for you to get out of the financial rabbit hole where you are right now? You’re wrong! Not only...

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Are You Looking for a Work Truck?
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Are You Looking for a Work Truck?    You will undoubtedly find it at Montreal Auto Financement.   There are countless dealers selling pre-owned trucks, but you can only find a full inventory of high-quality trucks, professional and personalized services as well as diversified pre-approved financing plans at Montreal Auto Financement. Both, our trucks and our team members are carefully...

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