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Are you under the impression that the current state of your credit score (or the absence of a record on the matter) is condemning you to use public transportation for the rest of your life? Do you think there is no way for you to get out of the financial rabbit hole where you are right now? You’re wrong! Not only it is possible to get a car loan no matter what your credit score is, but this loan might also improve your overall financial situation! Can’t believe it? The experts of Montreal Auto Financement, a dealer specialized in car loans, will confirm these informations as soon as you give them a call.


When the banks are turning their back on you 

Your life doesn’t end because some banks refuse to grant you a car loan. The employees of Montreal Auto Financement understand that being in a tight spot can happen to anyone these days and that it doesn’t mean you’ll remain a bad borrower. Contact these professionals and ask for a specialist to take a look at your file. He or she might be able to get you pre-approved, which means to tell you how much Montreal Auto Financement is willing to lend to you. Don’t underestimate your chances: Montreal Auto Financement finds a deal for a whopping 95% of their customers, even without a down payment, thanks to its close proximity with many specialized financial institutions. These customers are people going through (or that have already gone through) bankruptcy, unemployed or low-income persons, individuals with a history of late payments, etc.


A second chance

Montreal Auto Financement agents work hard to analyze and get your situation right the first time so they won’t risk to further compromise your credit by filing several loan applications. Their objective is to get you the best rate possible, as fast as possible. Plus, you should know that this might be just the way to restore your credit. Montreal Auto Financement works with financial institutions affiliated with the bureau of credit, meaning that timely payments from your part on your loan can only help your credit score and your chances to get more conventional financing options in the future.
You need a car now and a realistic way to improve your credit score for the future? Call or go directly to the 12049, Rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal. Our specialists will welcome you with professionalism and humanity.

Montréal Auto Financement

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