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Outlining your Needs is the First Step!


Even if choosing a vehicle is mostly a pleasant endeavor, there are a lot of aspects to consider. At Montreal Auto Financement, located near both the North and the South Shores, we’re here to give you advices that’ll make your life easier. Here are a few of them.


Define your Priorities

It’s certainly a priority to establish your budget, but don’t forget that there are a lot of things to consider on top of your monthly payment! Start to think about insurance and repairs costs, the price of OEM tires and other parts, and the gas consumption of the vehicle(s) you’re interested in, among other things. There are several resources that you can use, including CAA-Quebec, Le Guide de l’Auto, the Canadian Black Book, etc.

You should also think about getting a car that fits not only your tastes, but also your lifestyle. You may love sport coupes, but they won’t be any help to transport a family. On the long term, an inadequate vehicle causes more frustration than anything else. Make a list of your priorities: a soundproof cabin? A full-size vehicle that can go off road as if it was nothing? A high-end sound or navigation system? Think about all these details in advance so that you don’t have to drive a car that frustrates you on a daily basis.


Think About the Resale Value

We’ll never repeat it enough: when you buy a car, think long term, and that implies to think about the resale value of your potential car today even if you’re convinced that you’ll love and cherish it until it breaks. Stay away from cars with unconventional colors (yellow and green come to mind) and choose instead more mainstream tone like black, red or blue. For the other elements to consider in this matter, turn to the Canadian Black Book, which is the perfect tool to help you calculate the resale value of your car. It sounds good, right?


Ask for Advices

Talking to friends and relatives is an easy way to get first-hand and honest comments on a specific car. You can also talk to a mechanic you trust and ask him if the model you’re interested in is often in his garage, or get some additional information from experts like those from CAA-Quebec.


At Montreal Auto Financement, located near both the North and the South Shores, we want to make your buying process a pleasant experience by offering a 100 % guaranteed financing! Pay us a visit so that we can help you get the car of your dreams!

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