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Pre-shopping for a Car in Two Simple Steps


Purchasing a car often entails a strong emotional component, and even if there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited now and then, don’t let your emotions take the wheel and push you to make a bad decision. There are 2 main steps to complete before anything else and shockingly enough (not), they both happen North of your shoulders.


Your Needs

Unsurprisingly enough, the first step consists in assessing your needs in a reasonable fashion. Do you really need an SUV to take your lunchbox and yourself to work? Do you really need a sport sedan to go 5 km/h in the traffic? Do you really have to get a flashy car if you don’t meet clients on a regular basis and park in a non-residential street all-year round? It’s normal to want the best for yourself, but sometimes “best” means not choosing what’s objectively better to go instead for what is just enough. Oh, and it’s not a coincidence that we’ve covered the budget section before this one: if your budget doesn’t cover all your needs, review them and cut all these “needs” that are in fact wishes.


Your Budget

Don’t roll your eyes because you already know it! It’s not a matter of knowing what you’re about to read, it’s a matter of actually doing it. Indeed, too many buyers let themselves be played by skilled salesmen that minimize the financial impact of their vehicles or sweet-talk their customers into believing they “deserve it”. If you fall for that, your financial stability will suffer the consequences. To avoid this trap, set a rigorous monthly budget that includes your payments, insurance, gas, repairs, taxes and your license plate, parking fees, etc. Don’t be too vague or optimistic! Sit down with a pen and some paper, and calculate seriously all these points to know which vehicle you can actually afford. When you’ll be visiting car dealers, don’t budge from that target and keep it to yourself to make sure you always receive the best deal.

Once these two steps have been completed, keep your eyes open and remain attentive and follow Montreal Auto Financement in Montreal near Laval and Repentigny, you will not be disappointed with the result!

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