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Be Ready for the End of winter


The time most Quebecers are waiting for is coming fast: the end of winter. That means the end of big coats, icy sidewalks, and the daily ritual of snow removals in the morning… But it also means new opportunities to go for an adventure, especially if you are an outdoor activities’ fans. If you’re among those that take advantage of every day off to get out of town during the summer, it’s time to make sure your car is ready too. It will leave you more time to enjoy yourself during the summer!


The Basics

This recommendation is valid in all seasons, but still: before taking the road, especially if you’re going for a long drive, make sure your car is as set as possible. Dirty your hands and pop up the hood: engine oil, coolant, automatic transmission fluid, windshield washer, etc. All these elements must be full or at the good level. Plus, if you’re one of these people that don’t wash their cars during the winter because we’re always between two storms anyways, give some love to the body and the under of your vehicle now. A thorough cleaning is required to remove impurities, salt and other corrosive elements that would have proliferated during winter.


The Roof Box and the Trailer Hook

If you love to be outside, it’s not unlikely that you already possess (or have on your list) these two items, but if it’s not the case, get these essentials as soon as possible. They will cost you only a few hundred bucks in total, which represent a great investment to substantially increase the cargo space of your current vehicle so you don’t have to purchase a bigger one.


The Sealant

Your car and you probably prefer summer to winter, but the nice weather is not just a sum of advantages, and at least one of them is also an inconvenient: the sun. An uninterrupted, extended exposure to the sun can potentially damage the paint of your car, and one of the simple / most efficient ways to prevent that is to invest in a good sealant, or even in a protective film to install in the front of the car.


The First Aid Kit

If you expect to spend a lot of time doing outdoor stuff and / or long travels during which you’ll spend hours at the time far from the nearest store or house, don’t take the road without a first aid kit that contains basics such as plasters, a good antiseptic, allergy drops, Tylenol, etc. You’d be surprised of the importance of these essentials when you simply can’t get them for hours, sometimes.


There are only a few weeks left before you can take advantage of the nice weather to go on an adventure on our roads. Don’t waste them and get ready now!

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