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A new car at a second-hand’s price

Would you like to buy a new car and pay the price of a used one? Yes, it’s a serious question. Of course you do! Do these cars even exist? Yep, and there are many of them across the Quebec. I can almost hear you ask “What’s the catch?” Granted, I’m not talking about “brand new” vehicles per say. I’m talking about cars that look and feel new even if they are not, technically. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you got the chance to drive one of these vehicles for a few days with a sticker on the odometer, you wouldn’t notice that you’re not at the wheel of a “brand new” one. I’m talking of course about barely used cars, the ones that were driven for 20,000 km or fewer.

“Brand new” definition…

 What does “new” really mean? Something that includes the words “recent”, “barely used” or “in mint condition”, probably. You wouldn’t say today that a kitchen that was renovated last year is “used”. You wouldn’t say of a MacBook Pro purchased three months ago that it’s “second-hand” either. While these two examples seem far-fetched, consider this: no kitchen needs to be renovated or improved more frequently than every 10 years; a decent computer shouldn’t start to slow down before 2 years and a half or even 3 years; a good quality, well-maintained car should be able to get to at least 200,000 km before showing its age elsewhere than in its design. Do you see where I am going with this? How come most assets are considered new when they still retain about 90% of their use value but cars are almost immediately tossed into the “used asset” category when they barely reach that point? I have a little theory on this: their price.

...and what it really costs

Unlike the aforementioned assets, cars depreciate at an accelerated rate that is not really correlated to their use value. Consequently, it’s hard to qualify as “new” a vehicle that lost 10%, 20% or even 30% of its value before even reaching 20,000 km! But I don’t care about the car market’s rules, I care about your budget and I ask you again: would you like to buy an almost-new car at a fraction of a “brand new” one’s price?
Be smart: purchase an almost-new car, your wallet will thank you for that. As for you, just don’t pay attention to the odometer, you won’t notice any difference.
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Montréal Auto Financement

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