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6 reasons to buy a used car. see our inventory at Montreal auto Financement in Montreal near Laval.

Buying a used car: it makes sense

Despite what sellers want you to believe, some products shouldn’t be bought brand new and cars certainly fit this category. The specialists of Montreal Auto Financement acknowledge this reality and provide their customers with excellent financing options so they can leave quickly with the second-hand vehicle of their choice. But why should one buy a used car?
Take advantage of a significant discount
The first reason that pops in our mind – the discounted price – is still the most valid. A used car will save you thousands of dollars on a product that still has a very long remaining life.
Dodge the bulk of the depreciation
It is a well-known fact that few things depreciate as fast as a car in its first years. Why rush to buy a new car on an impulse if you know that the same car will cost you approximately 30% less after 1 or 2 years on the road?
Get cheaper insurances
More often than not, “buying” a new car means leasing it for a few years. In this case, since it’s not your property, you’ll be forced to pay for an insurance that provides a full coverage. Used cars are cheaper which will reduce the cost of your insurance from the get-go. Plus, you won’t have to cover your second-hand vehicle for every scenario in the book because you will really own it.
Reduce or eliminate the sales tax
The tax you will have to pay at the SAAQ is directly correlated to the value of the vehicle. Bonus: you won’t have to pay a dime to them if the car is at least 10 years-old. Even if you’re not interested in a car that old, you’ll certainly save a few hundred dollars just at the SAAQ by buying a used car instead of a new one.
Widen your range of possibilities
Intermediate sedans usually sell around 20,000 $ when they are brand new. This very 20,000 $ could give you access to more luxurious or performant cars if you’re looking for a used car.
Keep calm
In addition of the reliability of the cars built in the last 10, 15 or 20 years (which we still see in great numbers on our roads), you have many ways to check the history of the vehicle of your choice, the identity of the previous owner(s), the repairs that have already been made, etc. There is no reason to panic: you don’t have to go blind when buying a used car.
Buying a used car presents so many upsides that it would be difficult to make a similar list for new vehicles. Contact the specialists of Montreal Auto Financement as soon as possible and see for yourself what they can do for you.


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