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Planning to buy a car? What you should consider


Whether you own a vehicle as we speak, you had one in the past or you’re considering buying your first car, it’s essential to keep in mind a few simple rules for a safe financial planning. For more details and recommendations from a team of experts, go to Montreal Auto Financement, your second-hand car dealer and homemade financing specialist on Sherbrooke Street, near Laval and Repentigny.


What should you incorporate in your budget?


Too many people make the mistake of only considering the initial price, the insurance and an optimistic estimate of their fuel costs. If your budget is tight and doesn’t leave you much room for unexpected expenses, such a simplistic approach will put you under pressure not too long after you take possession of your vehicle. For starters, if you don’t have a designated parking spot at your workplace, you should also plan for your parking costs. 2 $ here, 3 $ there, that’s how you set yourself up for a bad surprise at the end of the month. Furthermore, don’t underestimate maintenance and repair costs! You’ll have to find the right balance between a recent (or new) car and a good second-hand vehicle (not a lemon): the more recent your car is, the lower your maintenance and repair costs will be. Obviously, the exact opposite is true when it comes to the purchase price, which will depend on your decision to buy a new or a used vehicle (if all other factors are equal).


Buy smart: buy a second-hand vehicle


You’ll read here and there that brand new cars have that, do this better… Here is the truth: brand new cars smell better and are a lot more expensive. The few hundred dollars that you’ll save on maintenance and repair will never match the hefty discount you’ll get by shopping at Montreal Auto Financement. If you don’t want to take any chance, go for one of the certified pre-owned vehicles you’ll find in its large inventory, that’s how you get the best of both worlds! Now, about the money: all you need to remember is that it will never be an issue at Montreal Auto Financement, the best car dealer in Montreal, near Laval and Repentigny. Come with cash, a loan or hands in your pockets and you’ll leave with the vehicle of your choice, it’s guaranteed!


In one word, once you’ve made the decision to buy a car and carefully weighed all the relevant informations, come directly to Montreal Auto Financement!

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