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Why choose an SUV? Come and discover more at Montreal Auto Financing in Montreal.

Why you should choose a SUV?


Unlike what we see in Europe, the Quebec’s climate and our magnificent countryside are reasons enough to push us towards bigger, sturdier and more comfortable vehicles that can adapt to many different (road) scenarios. That’s why SUVs are so much more popular in our culture, and the reason why you might consider buying one yourself. Montréal Auto Financement, your car dealer located in Montreal, near both the North and the South Shores, has a few tips for you.

Is a SUV a good choice for you?

The answer to this question obviously depends on the way you use your vehicle. A SUV is kind of a hybrid between a sedan and a truck, and thus provides its driver with a certain polyvalence: towing, transportation of large objects (or several people), off-road driving or driving during extreme conditions (i.e. snow storms), etc. On top of that, a SUV also offers much more comfort than a sedan (in general). Bigger and more spacious, SUVs’ road handling is superior to a regular, smaller car’s. A SUV is a Swiss knife on wheels that is ideal for big families. SUVs also come in a variety of formats: full-size, compact and even sub-compact, these days. One can easily find the SUV that’ll fit his needs perfectly and Montréal Auto Financement’s experts can help you in this endeavor.

What about the hearsays?

Some will tell you that SUVs are a lot more expensive than sedans, but you have to compare oranges to oranges, here, and keep in mind that the formers also offer a lot more functionality than the latters. You can also go for a smaller SUV packed with less onboard technologies like more and more manufacturers out there start to offer, which will considerably reduce the cost you have to bear. If SUVs have a typically higher fuel consumption, this con is balanced by the increased comfort during long trips due in part to their superior road handling. In short, if you only use your car to travel solo on your way to work, maybe a SUV isn’t your best first choice; if you have a large family, though, and/or like to travel long distances on all types of road, it would be foolish to dismiss this type of vehicles.


You want to know more about SUVs? Go at once at Montréal Auto Financement, your car dealer located at 12011, Sherbrooke East Street, Montreal.

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